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Horticraft Holland Solutions

Standard HPS lights

DIODE series

The DIODE series is an ideal microgreen grow light for commercial growers and home growers alike who use vertical farming methods. At full power of 120W, it can deliver 300 μmol/s PPF with an efficiency of up to 2.5μmol/J. The light source consists of high-efficiency LEDs with extra blue 450 nm, deep red 660 nm, and infrared 720nm. With a combination of full spectrum and UV light for growth and flowering, the DIODE series provides a balanced spectrum suitable for the entire growth cycle from seedling to flowering stage. The DIODE has a built-in power supply and heat sink and is a warm vertical farm LED grow light with continuous full-spectrum emission over 3200K to 4000K wavelength range with a high red ratio is close to daylight of late summer and autumn. Its slim design makes DIODE perfect for any environment as a top or side sole-light source or supplemental light.

Fractal series

FRACTAL series LED grow lights for microgreens and vertical farming. These lights are equally suitable for commercial growers as well as for individual hobby growers. FRACTAL can be successfully used for growing full sun crops, microgreens, leafy greens, herbs, and flowers.

Photon series

Designed for commercial greenhouses, PHOTON is used to control the different growth stages of crops and to improve crop yield and quality. It is a versatile light source for plants grown indoors. PHOTON’s perfect blend spectrum FS4000k provides ideal photon emission along the photosynthetic spectrum. PHOTON uses 630W with Samsung LM301LB LED technology for indoor cultivation. The fully tuned photosynthetic photon flux density provides an optimal amount of photon energy to the plant from the canopy surface to the base and its slim design will let sunlight through, making PHOTON a great supplemental light source.

QUANTUM series

QUANTUM covers a large growth area with high efficiency and footprint. It is ideal for commercial cultivation with a uniform 1820 PPF and spectral distribution for a wider range and uniform light dispersion. QUANTUM can also be used by home growers for growing plants in grow tents or rooms. These energy-efficient LED grow lights leave their mark with an unprecedented ability to produce excellent yields without generating much heat. QUANTUM consumes only 630W of power and is ideal for a 150cm x 150cm (5ft x 5ft) extended area coverage. The balanced 3500k + 660nm spectrum of the blue, red and white light at a 120° angle produce high yields. Pre-installed with a light bar for plug and play.

WAVE series

The WAVE provides a large luminous area and is suitable for both vegetation and flowering stages. WAVE measures 120 cm (47 inch) and comes with 5, 8 or 10 bars that can provide a PPF of 1120, 1792, 2240 μmol/s, respectively. The high performance and extended footprint of WAVE combined with Samsung LEDs ensure continuous growth during the vegetation and flowering stages. The provision of dimmers allows growers to save energy costs by adjusting the lights only to the desired PPFD level at different stages of growth.


The Wave UV+FR is designed as an indoor full cycle top lighting solution. There are eight individually controllable full spectrum bars, one supplemental ultraviolet (UV) bar and one supplemental far red (FR) bar. UV and FR are used for disease control, taste enhancement, plant elongation, reseeding, flowering and antioxidant function. WAVE UV+FR uses 740W of power and can provide light to a 150cm x 150cm (5ft x 5ft) area.

Frequency series

Horticraft Holland FREQUENCY is a LED grow light ideal for indoor growers. It consist of three separate lights bars with a total coverage of 150cm x 90cm or 5ft x 3ft. With a full power of 240W, it can deliver PPF of 665 μmol/s with an efficiency of up to 2.8 μmol/J. The light source consists of high efficiency LEDs with a special VEG spectrum, which is well-balanced and suitable for the vegetative phase of your plants.

Price and maintenance costs

Whenever you are buying a lightning system, there are upfront costs and maintenance costs.
Below you will find the upfront cost for our LED grow lights and a HPS bulb, the total price if you are buying
multiple lights, and the maintenance costs.
Since our LED lights require no maintenance their costs is zero for up to 5 years.
HPS bulbs require replacements every 10-12 months and if you have a professional
grow area with employees, they will receive labour costs for replacing and cleaning the bulbs.
This part shows that maintenance costs is much lower for our LED when compared to HPS lights.

Power and HVAC costs

Grow lights need electricity to work and the amount of power they use (Wattage) will determine how much you need to spend on electricity costs. Furthermore, grow lights emit heat, that will impact the temperature of your grow area. Plants need specific temperatures to thrive, and if the heat emitted from your grow light is too much, you will need temperature control (HVAC) to deal with the heat. Below you will find the total electricity usage of our LED grow lights and the heat output of a specific fixture (BTU/hr). You will also find the energy savings and BTU savings of our LED lights compared to HPS bulbs.


The total set up costs for your lightning plan is €, this is the total upfront
costs of the Horticraft Holland LED grow lights. The total maintenance costs during the
next five years will be 0, since our LED lights are plug and play and bulbs don't need to be replaced.
The total energy cost will be € per year. In total you will save € per year compared to using HPS.